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4 Volumes of Recipes for the Special Chef
By Joyce Dassonville & Ehren McDow

Learn how to cook nutritious recipes

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. . . for every meal of the day . . . including snack time!

The Picture Cookbook: No-Cook Recipes for the Special Chef introduces recipes to young children and individuals with special needs using photos instead of words. This educational and empowering book is filled with delicious meal and snack ideas that are safe and fun.

Following step-by-step photos, special chefs will learn to prepare no-cook recipes like broccoli and apple salad, bagels with cream cheese and chicken wraps. The Picture Cookbook's researched and thoroughly tested recipes teach essential life skills to special chefs as they experience self-sufficiency and family fun in the kitchen.

The Picture Cookbook makes independence in the kitchen possible. Features include:

  • 51 easy-to-follow recipes
  • Delicious and nutritious ingredients
  • Suggestions for teaching the special chef
  • Specially selected tools for safe meal preparation
  • Tips on creating a user-friendly kitchen

A sample recipe from the Picture Cookbook:

Making Strawberry Shortcake

What people are saying about The Picture Cookbook: No-Cook Recipes for the Special Chef:

"The Picture Cookbook is a wonderful idea! By the time we are parents, our world is so full of words that we use them for everything, and forget how to 'teach' nonverbal, low-verbal or even deaf children without using words! These recipes — written with pictures instead of words — are a startlingly simple solution, which allow developmentally different children to achieve greater independence, build self-esteem and to contribute meaningfully to the family unit."

— Dr. E. Jean Gibson, MD, FRCPC; Child Neurologist

"This is truly first class work ... This book significantly adds to the medical tools and resources to help autistic children become more functional with activities of daily living."

— Dr. Lancelot Patrick, MD, FRCPC
Associate Medical Director, UBC Hospital, Department of Psychiatry & Associate Clinical Professor, UBC Medical School

"This beautiful cookbook fills a gap by providing easy to follow visual paths for individuals with special needs. It supports the chef's independence by breaking down steps and presenting them using pictures appropriate for all ages. I highly recommend The Picture Cookbook ..."

— Leyton Schnellert, Special education consultant
Co-author of Student Diversity: Classroom Strategies to Meet the Learning Needs of All Students (pembroke)

"A revolutionary cookbook that provides freedom and self-confidence to exceptional chefs!"

— Josette Heslop, Vice-President Ontario Council for Exceptional Children

Making Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich

An excerpt from the Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich recipe